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Safety Alert Program on Prevention of Accidents & Injuries on 8.3.2021 as part of 50th Safety Week Celebration
Published : 3/8/2021 12:00:00 AM

The 7th edition of the Safety Alert Program on Prevention of Accidents & Injuries was held on 8.3.2021 at VIA 2nd Floor Conference Hall as part of the 50th National Safety Week Celebration jointly with Directorate of Safety & Health (DISH), Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) and Notified Area Authority (NAA), Vapi. The program was held in the presence of Shri Prakash Bhadra, President, VIA, Shri Satish Patel, Hon. Secretary, VIA, Shri Kalpesh Vora, Jt. Secretary, VIA, Shri Kamlesh Patel, Executive Committee Member, VIA and Dr. Vikas Jain, Jt. Chairman, Disaster Management Committee, VIA, Keynote Speaker of the event Shri Yagnesh Naik of Naik & Associates, Surat. The Safety Alert Program was attended by about 40 Safety Personnel from various Industries Members. During his speech Shri Prakashbhai said that most of the accidents that take place in industries are quite often due to lack of safety measures and he therefore emphasized that we should practice safety measures and create safety awareness not only during the Safety Week Celebration by round the clock 365 days. He also said that many a times due to faulty reporting small incidents also surfaces like big accidents and the adverse effect of the same has to be then borne by the concerned industry. He further said that to support the MSME Member Units Vapi Industries Association (VIA) & Vapi Emergency Control Center (VECC) is also planning to conduct Safety Audit at their factory premises shortly. Shri Satishbhai said that VIA & VECC is regularly taking initiatives through various awareness programs like Safety Alert Program to create Safety Awareness which has helped many of the Industries Members and their employees & workers. Shri Kalpeshbhai gave brief about the VECC and its activities to all the present saying that VECC offers 24X7 service to the Industries Members in case of any untoward incidents or accidents. He proudly said that nowadays almost every industries members have the phone numbers in their emergency contact numbers list or on their display board and VECC is immediately contacted by them in case of any accidents for its support in coordinating with emergency services like Fire Station, DISH etc. Dr. Vikas Jain suggested that Industries Members should be as proactive to maintain Safety and Security as they are for their Production and Turnover and he said that will only help in reducing untoward incidents or accidents at Industrial Units. Shri Yagnesh Naik explained all the present about the small mistakes we often make to take stock of safety which often resulted into difficulties and complicated situation. He said that the mentality of Industrialists and their Employees need to change about Safety & Security and that will help a long way to reduce accidents and untoward incidents. All the present were grossly benefited by the Safety Alert Program.