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Interactive Meeting with Regional PF Commissioner of Vapi on 24.2.2021
Published : 2/26/2021 12:00:00 AM

An interactive meeting with Industries Members and Regional PF Commissioners of Vapi was organized jointly with PF Department of Vapi on 24th February 2021 at VIA 2nd Floor Conference Hall. The meeting was attended by Shri Prakash Bhadra, President, VIA, Shri Satish Patel, Hon. Secretary, VIA, Shri Hemang Naik, Treasurer, VIA, Shri Kalpesh Vora, Jt. Secretary, VIA, Shri Lalit Aroa, Jt. Chairman, PF Committee, VIA, Shri Hemant R Patel, Jt. Chairman, PF Committee, VIA, Shri Shekhar Kumar, Regional PF Commissioner I, Vapi, Shri V G Salve, Regional PF Commissioner II, Vapi, Shri Deepak Sharma, Enforcement Officer, PF Department, Vapi and Shri Sanjay Kumar, Enforcement Officer, PF Department, Vapi. Shri Prakashbhai during his welcome note said that he has received many representations from the Industries Members about a notice served to them and therefore he discussed the issues with Shri Shekhar Kumar, after detailed discussion both of them decided to hold this interactive meeting to give clarity about those notices. Shri Prakashbhai also appreciated the proactive response in resolving the issues and challenges of Industries Members. Shri Shaekhar Kumar during his speech said that earlier it was planeed to give a presentation on Atmanirbhar Bharat Rojgar Yojna (ABRY) during this meeting but it was felt to give that presentation in a larger forum so that more and more industries members may get the benefit of the same, he said therefore a presentation on ABRY will be arranged by the PF Department jointly with VIA, involving the surrounding areas Industries Associations and their members, may be on 10th March 2021. He then clarifying the issue of notices served to Industries Members by the PF Department, said that those are not notices and actually an intimation letter to the Industries Members to get themselves registered with the PF Department (if not done already) to reap the benefit of the ABRY, by which the employer and employees will enjoy the benefit of PF for 2 years without contributing from their kitty. He also assured all the present that department will always stand in support with the Industries & Trade Members and will never act like an enforcement authority. The interactive meeting was well attended by over 50 Industries & Trade Members.