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Farewell Meeting of Shri B R Gajjar, Regional Officer, GPCB, Vapi on 26.2.2021
Published : 2/26/2021 12:00:00 AM

Shri B R Gajjar has served as Regional Officer of Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB), Vapi for about 4 years and will be retiring from his duties shortly. A Farewell Meeting has been organized in his honour at 4:00 pm on 26th February 2021. The meeting was attended by Shri Prakash Bhadra, President, VIA, Shri Sunil Agarwal, Vice President, VIA, Shri Satish Patel, Hon. Secretary, VIA, Shri Hemang Naik, Treasurer, Shri Kalpesh Vora, Jt. Secretary, VIA, Shri A K Shah, Past President & Advisory Board Member, VIA, Shri Rajneesh Anand, Advisory Board Member, VIA, Shri S S Sarna, Director, VGEL, Shri Magan Savalia, VGEL, Shri Chetan Patel, Director, VGEL, Shri Bhavesh Mehta, Invitee Member, VIA, Shri Pramod Patel, Invitee Member, VIA and many Executive Committee Members and Industries Members of VIA. During their speech Shri Prakashbhai, Shri A K Shah, Shri S S Sarna, Shri Rajneesh Anand, Shri Bhavesh Mehta, Shri Chetan Patel and Shri Sunil Shah expressed their experiences with Shri B R Gajjar and his co-operative nature to help out the Industries Members from challenges and difficulties. Shri Gajjar during his speech expressed his thanks to VIA, VGEL and its Industries Members for all the support and co-operation he has received during his tenure as RO, GPCB, Vapi and the openness of the Industries Members to adopt necessary steps and measures to comply with the environmental norms.