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Welcome Meeting of Dr. Rajdipsinh Zala IPS, SP, Valsad on 3.9.2020
Published : 9/3/2020 12:00:00 AM

A Welcome Meeting was arranged for Dr. Rajdipsinh Zala IPS who has recently took charge as Superintendent of Police, Valsad. The Welcome Meeting was held in the presence of Shri Prakash Bhadra, President, VIA, Shri Satish patel, Hon. Secretary, VIA, Shri Munna Shah, Treasurer, VIA, Shri Hemang Naik, Jt. Secretary, VIA, Shri Kanubhai Desai, MLA, Pardi & Advisory Board Member of VIA, Shri A K Shah, Advisory Board Member, VIA, Shri Shri Milanbhai Desai, Advisory Board Member, VIA, Shri Shirishbhai Desai, Advisory Board Member, VIA, Shri Rajneesh Anand, Advisory Board Member, VIA, Shri V R Patel, President, Vapi Nagarpalika, Shri Sureshbhai Patel, Chairman, Notified Area Governing Board (NAGB), Vapi, Shri Kamleshbhai Patel, Member, NAGB, Vapi, Shri Hemantbhai Patel, NAGB, Vapi, Shri Maganbhai Savalia, Director, Vapi Green Enviro Ltd. (VGEL), Shri Chetanbhai Patel, Director, VGEL, Shri Rajul Shah, Chairman, Environment Committee, VIA, Shri Kalpesh Vora, Chairman, Green Society, VIA, Shri Sanjay Shah, Jt. Chairman, Security Committee, VIA, Shri Sunil Shah, Aryan Paper Mill Ltd., Shri N K Kamolia, Police Inspector, VAPI GIDC Police Station, Shri R Gnanasegaran, CEO, VGEL and Shri Rajendra, Chechani, CFO, VGEL. In the very beginning of his speech Dr. Zala appreciated the efforts made by VIA and its team members in successfully executing various activities during the COVID 19 pandemic to combat the deadly disease successfully and to support the needy and distressed people of the estate, he also acknowledged the support rendered by VIA to the District Police Department during the pandemic. He then expressed his wish to introduce a Mobile App to register all the Industries Workers & Labours of all the Industries so that if any of the labour / worker even if migrant workers commit any crime they may be traced easily. He also intimated about the upcoming projects Valsad Police Department intends to launch in the coming days are like She project for the safety of the women of the district, she further emphasized that it has been observed that crime with women usually happens in remote places like river side, parks etc. and normally in the dark hours, this project will be appointing dedicated women police team to patrol such areas and Ariel Surveillance will also be made through Drone Cameras, Vadil Vandana project for increased safety & security of Senior Citizens by registering the details of domestic helps and servants who are working at the residences of Old people, this project will also try to extend help to senior citizens by supply them their medicines, as it has been observed that theft and loots are usually happening at the residences of the old people. He also explained about the common dangerous cyber crimes like Email Spoofing and SIM Swapping and intimated the ways and means to protect ourselves from such crimes. He also advised the Industries Members to remain particularly cautious and maintain safety & security while doing online monetary or other transactions. Shri Kanubhai during his speech said that during any accidents at Industries earlier local police department used to file criminal cases against the owner along with the Factory Inspector, but now under the advice of the Superintendent of Police of Valsad the local Police Department cases file as per the report of the Factory Inspector and their suggestion only as they have been advised that Accidents at Factories are technical matter and therefore should be dealt as per the advice of Factory Inspector only. Shri Prakashbhai during his welcome speech said that the citizens and industries are moving more and more towards Digital India bu this will also increase the risk of Cyber Crimes, at this juncture we therefore need guidance of technically strong advisors like Dr. Zala. Shri Sunil Shah appreciating Dr. Zala, said that he has never seen such an versatile Police Officer who has knowledge of Sankrit Language, Cyber Crime and also a Doctor, he said he is sure that Dr. Zala will be promoted to much higher posts in the department in the coming days. Shri Satishbhai during his concluding speech thanked Dr. Zala for all his advices and suggestions and also assured him about all the support from the Association and its Industries Members for the projects Valsad Police Department intends to launch under Dr. Zala’s guidance.