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Independence Day Celebration on 15th August 2020
Published : 8/17/2020 12:00:00 AM

The 74th Independence was celebrated at VIA while following the all COVID 19 guidelines of the Government and the Flag Hoisting was done by Shri Prakash Bhadra, President, VIA in the presence of Shri Sunil Agarwal, Vice President, VIA, Shri Satish Patel, Hon. Secretary, VIA, Shri Kalesh Patel, Notified Area Governing Board Member, Vapi, Executive Committee and Members like Shri Joy Kothari, Shri Pankaj Shukla, Shri Hasmukh J Patel, Shri Becharbbhai Patel, Shri Virendra Patel, President, Roatry Club of Vapi and Shri Hardik Shah, Secretary, Rotary Club of Vapi and EC Member of VIA, Dr. Sandip Naik, Nodal Officer for Industries, Valsad Health Department and In Charge of VIA COVID 19 War Room, Staff Members of VIA, VECC and VGEL.. During his address Shri Prakashbhai expressed the difficulties faced by the Industries & Trade Members and citizens across the world in the last 4 months due to the COVID 19 pandemic and also appreciated the power of sustenance shown by the Industries & Trade Members of Vapi Industrial Estate. He said we all need to keep successfully fighting this epidemic and come out victorious. He also said that the present Government under the leadership of the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi very successfully executed and implemented many mission and from VIA he will soon be requesting him to take up the mission to establish a Science Museum in every village and town of the country to encourage and build many more scientist like Late Shri Abdul Kalam. In his speech Shri Satishbhai said that the motto of mission of the last 73 Independence Day has now changed and on this 74th Independence Day we all should take the oath to successfully fight the deadly corona virus disease. He also stated the activities done by VIA in the last 4 months to support the Industries & Trade Members as well as the Citizens of Vapi Industrial Estate and surrounding areas to fight the epidemic successfully, he said VIA COVID 19 War Room has been set up at Vapi Emergency Control Centre for daily monitoring of infected cases in industries and slum areas of the estate, for creating awareness in Industries and Residence Area a VIA COVID 19 Rath is also started and the other activities done regularly to face the challenge.