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Vendor Meet cum Exhibition of Indian Railways on 3.5.2019 at VIA House
Published : 5/4/2019 12:00:00 AM

Vapi Industries Association and Western Railways had jointly organized a Vendor Meet cum Exhibition on 3rd May 2019 at Vapi Industries Association. The event was organized with a motto of inducting new Vendors in the supply chain of Indian Railways. Several materials, parts and instruments regularly consumed by various departments of Indian Railways were also exhibited at the Ground Floor of VIA House to given an idea to the participants of the event about the requirements of Indian Railways. The event was held in presence of Shri Jyoti Prakash Pandey IRSS, PCMM, Western Railways, Mumbai, Shri H R Soni IRSS, EDRS(C), Railway Board, Mumbai, Shri Ashish Verma, CMM(M), Western Railways, Mumbai, Shri Rakesh Bahl IRSME, Group General Manager (1), RITES, Mumbai, Shri Shailendra Kumar Sharma IRSME, Jt. Director (Inspection& Liaison) RD&SO, Mumbai, Shri Ritesh Bhatia, SMM, Western Railways, Valsad, Shri Satish Patel, Hon. Secretary, VIA, Shri Joy Kothari, Jt. Chairman, Railway Committee, VIA and many other Executive Committee Members and Members of VIA. The present railway officials shared important information about Vendor Registration, e-Tendering procedures etc. Shri Jyoti Prakash Pandey informed that annual purchase amount of Indian Railways stands at a fantastic Rs. 50,000/- Crores and encouraged the present Industries Members to get involved in the supply chain of Indian Railways. The event was well attended by over 70 Industries Members.