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VIA Impact Talks – Session 4 (Stand Up Comedy Show) by Shri Manan Desai & Om Bhatt on 20th December 2018
Published : 12/21/2018 12:00:00 AM

The 4th Edition of VIA Impact Talks was organized by Vapi Industries Association on 20th December 2018 at VIA Auditorium. It was a Duet Stand Up Comedy Show of Manan Desai & Om Bhatt. The session of 90 minutes was full of roars and laughter from all the corners of the VIA Auditorium. Both Manan Desai & Om Bhatt successfully made the entire audience free of anxiety, tension and stress throughout the session. The participants as well as both the comedians have enjoyed every minutes of this well managed session of VIA Impact Talks and all have acknowledged Shri Tushar Shah, Shri Hemang Naik, Shri Jigar Patel & Shri Jatin Monani, the Coordinators of this session of VIA Impact Talk and the Program Committee of VIA. The Program Committee of VIA also acknowledged the support of the Office Bearers and Committee Members of VIA in holding the event so successfully. The VIA Impact Talks session was held in a jam packed VIA Auditorium and attended by almost all the segments of Vapi and surrounding areas, including the Advisory Board Members of VIA, Past Presidents of VIA, Executive Committee Members & Members of VIA and their Staff Members, the youth community of the estate.