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World Environment Day Celebration on 5th June 2023, Monday
Published : 6/5/2023 12:00:00 AM

Ideal Environment & Ambience is a necessity for all the inhabitants on our Mother Earth and understanding this Vapi Industries Association (VIA) and Green Society of VIA with the support of Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB), Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC), Notified Area Authority (NAA), Vapi and Vapi Green Enviro Ltd. (VGEL) is continuously taking proactive measures for betterment of Environment and to maintain the perfect Ecological balance to generate sustainable growth. VIA as part of its World Environment Day Celebration program, has found it most apt and auspicious to initiate some of such activities on this World Environment Day – 5th June 2023, Monday by the worthy hands of Shri Kanubhai Desai, Hon’ble Cabinet Minister of Finance, Energy & Petrochemicals, Govt. of Gujarat as following : The inauguration of the work of Green Belt development from Vinanti Naka to KBS College admeasuring about 10650 Square Meter. Total 790 numbers of big trees, 375 fruit plants & 585 other plants and 7396 small plants & shrubs with total 90 varieties of Trees & Plants will be planted to create lush greenery in that area. During the inauguration of the site on World Environment Day 2023, 250 numbers of Trees were planted by the present dignitaries. Thereafter plantation of total 101 number of big trees were done by the present dignitaries at the CETP of Vapi and with this now there is 13230 Trees planted there at CETP, Vapi over the years making the CETP look like a dense green forest. Aarti Industries Ltd. with the support of Green Society of VIA has developed Aarti Van – dense forestation in the 3.5 Acres of land at the crematorium campus of Salvav a surrounding village of Vapi Industrial Estate. The Inauguration of the Aarti Van was done as part of this World Environment Day Celebration. These are some of the many efforts of VIA, Green Society of VIA, GPCB, GIDC, NAA and VGEL along with the Industries & Trade Members of the Estate to make Vapi a Green Global Estate and nurture the Mother Earth. The World Environment Day 2023 Celebration programs are held in the presence of Shri Satishbhai Patel, President, VIA, Shri Maganbhai Savalia, Vice President, VIA, Shri Kalpeshbhai Vora, Hon. Secretary, VIA, Shri Rajulbhai Shah, Treasurer, VIA, Shri Yogeshbhai Kabaria, Advisory Board Member, VIA, Shri Milanbhai Desai, Advisory Board Member, VIA, Shri Shirishbhai Desai, Advisory Board Member, VIA, Shri Rajneesh Anand, Advisory Board Member, VIA, Shri Jitubhai Choudhari, Ex Minister of State, Govt. of Gujarat & MLA, Kaprada, Shri A G Patel, Regional Officer, GPCB, Vapi, Shri D B Sagar, Chief Officer, NAA, Vapi, Executive Committee Members of VIA – Shri Hemantbhai Patel, Shri Prabhakar Borole, Shri Mohit Rajani and many of the Industries & Trade Members of VIA.